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Mountain Mods ships WORLD-WIDE!

Shipping Quotes:

Please do not email us requests for shipping quotes.  Shipping quotes can be obtained by proceeding through checkout.  Quotes are given prior to making any purchase.

Time to Ship:

Mountain Mods understands that you want your product fast and we do our best to deliver.  Our operational business days are MON-FRI excluding National holidays.  If your order is placed early in the day (Prior to 9:00am PST) there is a good possibility it will ship that same day.  90% of all orders are shipped next business day.  All orders will be shipped no later than 2 business days from date of placement unless the order involves custom fabrication, paint, or in the event of a part being out of stock.

Shipping Methods:

Mountain Mods understands that customers want choices.  We offer shipping through FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service.  Real-Time shipping quotes are generated at time of checkout.  Customers can choose various shipping methods from ground (for low cost fares) to next day air (for those in a hurry).  Keep in mind our "Time to Ship" procedures when choosing your courier and method of shipping.  Mountain Mods is not responsible for any delays related to the courier of choice.  If you have a qualm about delays during transit contact the shipping courier.  Shipping/handling charges are applied to your bill total upon checkout.  International orders may incur duty/custom fees before or upon receipt of goods.  These are fees/taxes that are related to importation of goods and are not collected by Mountain Mods.  Any and all duty/import fees are the sole responsibility of the customer/importer.


Mountain Mods works hard to get orders out quickly. PLEASE BE CERTAIN OF YOUR ORDER PRIOR TO CHECKING OUT to avoid cancellations. We will honor cancellations provided your order has not shipped and provided your order is not a CUSTOM order. All cancellations will incur a cancellation fee of 4.5% or $1.00 whichever is greater. PLACEMENT OF YOUR ORDER CONFIRMS YOUR AGREEMENT TO THESE POLICIES. If you do not agree with these policies then do not place an order. There is Credit Card transaction fees associated with every transaction as well as labor costs associated with each order. These fees are in place to cover these costs. It is be best to call in a cancellation request. Email communication can be unreliable in both delivery and time. In the event that you emailed in a cancellation request and the order still ships, you the consumer are responsible for the original order. Any returns and or refusal of parcels from the courier will result in normal return policies of a restocking fee of 25% and no refund on shipping. PLEASE BE CERTAIN OF YOUR ORDER PRIOR TO CHECKING OUT to avoid cancellations.

Damaged or Lost Items:

Mountain Mods takes pride in the fact that we have a very low damage rate both domestically and internationally.  We understand that it is important to get an item to a customer intact and in over 99.9% of our shipments we do just that.  No matter how much time and care is put into the packaging of an item they can still become victim of excessive handling and become damaged.

Mountain Mods is not responsible for items lost or damaged during transit.  All orders shipped via FedEx, UPS, and USPS - Global Express or Domestic Express are insured for the full amount of the items.  Orders in excess of $100.00 USD total shipped via other methods through USPS will be insured.  Orders less than a total value of $100.00 USD shipped via non-Express USPS will not be insured, but will include delivery confirmation on domestic orders.  Tracking will be provided on all domestic orders.  Tracking will be provided for all international orders through FedEx and UPS.  All other international methods via the postal service will not include tracking, but will include custom numbers that can confirm shipment.

Should you receive a damaged item contact us immediately.  We will start a claim process with the courier and attempt to gain compensation for the damaged article.  After we have initiated the damage claim you will need to contact the courier as well for verification.  Whenever possible take photos of the damaged container and items as these may help in filing a claim.  You will need to hold on to the damaged articles, containers, and packaging in case of inspection.  The courier may need to arrange to pick up these items or in some cases you may need to take the items to the courier.  It is the customers responsibility to follow through with these procedures as needed in order to recoup damages.  If the damage claim is awarded and Mountain Mods receives refund we will then ship out replacement items.  In situations where you the receiver are awarded the damage claims you will need to re-order online. We highly recommend Fedex or UPS on all international orders of cases. International damage claims through the USPS (postal service) are very difficult to secure as the variety of couriers can place the blame between each other and never take responsibility. A point to point courier such as Fedex and UPS almost always come through on damage claims.

Should your item never arrive contact us in the following manner:  (Domestic orders - allow 5 additional days beyond your shipping method time for your order to arrive.  Contact us on day 5 or shortly after.  We will contact the courier and respond accordingly.)  (International orders - allow 14 additional days beyond your shipping method time for your order to arrive.  Contact us on day 14 or shortly after.  We will contact the courier and respond accordingly).  Should a claim for loss follow the same procedures as if the item were damaged will apply.

Returns and Replacement:

Mountain Mods is happy to say we have a very low return rate. Our return rates are under .01% of all orders. In the unlikely event of a return the following applies: Mountain Mods will honor returns on non-damaged items within 30 days of original order date.  Customer will need to employ their own courier of choice for return delivery.  We recommend the customer insure all returning items.  Mountain Mods is not responsible for items damaged or lost during return delivery.  Once the returned item has been inspected for damage, modifications, or voided warranties 75% of the original total order cost will be refunded (not including original shipping fees) provided the item(s) are in new condition.  The remaining 25% will be applied to re-stocking fees.

Should you receive a defective item (not made so by shipping damage) contact us immediately for replacement.  Mountain Mods will honor replacement on other manufacturer items for 30 days from the original order date.  If your item is discovered defective or becomes defective after this 30 day period you will need to contact the manufacturer for replacement in agreement with their terms of warranty.  Mountain Mods honors a 90 day parts and labor warranty on all Mountain Mod manufactured items.  Mountain Mods is not responsible for return shipping costs of defective items.  The customer must employ a courier of choice to return the item.  Mountain Mods is not responsible for loss or damages during transit on returned items.  Mountain Mods will not refund or replace items damaged or modified in any way.  TAKE EXTRA CARE - to plastic wrap all case parts individually with plastic wrap prior to a return. There is a reason you receive them wrapped in the first place. It is to insure no scratching occurs to the case finish during transit. If you return case parts un-wrapped and the finish receives scratches - we can not refund you on the part and will deduct from the total amount refunded per part damaged.

Incorrect Orders:

From time to time Mountain Mods may include additional items in an order for promotional purposes. Consider yourself a winner should you receive items above and beyond what you have ordered. Should you not receive items that are on your invoice do the following - Check for all missing items, and note all missing items. Check for incorrect items. Note any and all incorrect items. Check all items for defects. Note any and all defective items. Then contact us with the list of the above. We ask you to do this to eliminate multiple shipments from beyond the first. It is not helpful to us to have you state that you are missing an item, then after shipping out the item have you tell us something else is missing or incorrect. This causes multiple shipping costs. This is why we request you check the entire order prior to contacting us. We will only pay shipping cost for first replacement items. If you missed something after we ship out replacement or missing parts it will become the responsibility of the customer to pay for additional shipping. If you received an incorrect part (for example an incorrect case panel), you have 2 options for resolution after notifying us: 1) Send incorrect item back (box and wrap item adequately so as not to incur damage), when it arrives we will ship out the correct part. 2) Pay a refundable deposit for the correct part. We then ship correct part to you with return shipping label for incorrect part. When correct part arrives, take it out and replace it with incorrect part and have the courier pick up the item. When the returned item comes back to Mountain Mods and is in NEW condition a full refund will be made on the deposit. This policy may vary with International orders.