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Water Barrel 18

Water Barrel 18
Mountain Mods Water Barrel 18 can be used as a stand alone external radiator housing, or in conjunction with a Mountain Mods U2-UFO, Ascension, or Plateau cases. The Water Barrel 18 is stands 18 inches tall, 18 wide, and 18 inches deep. These are enormous expansion chambers that will allow you to entirely isolate the water cooling components from your system components. The massive Water Barrel 18 can hold up to 8 x Triple 120mm radiators for example (7 when used in conjunction with existing chassis). The Water Barrel is so massive that even loaded up with radiators there is still ample room to mount multiple pumps on the floor of the unit. The front panel is removable as well as the side panels to allow full access to internals without the need to remove radiators from alternate side panels. Water Barrels can also be used to house Hard Drives using Mountain Mods 120mm hard drive brackets. The Water Barrel back panel incorporates 2 PSU mounts. A cover plate is provided for 1 PSU mount. The second PSU can be used as system PSU when in Pesestal mode with a Mountain Mods Case. It has been rumored that the Water Barrel can be used as a mobile backup cooling unit for nuclear reactors. Certainly it will cool any number of CPU and GPU cores you throw at it.

The Water Barrel is MADE in the USA with approximately 2mm thick high grade Aluminum.

Choose from a variety of side panels.
Case includes all screws for assembly.

Make sure to choose a top panel when purchasing as a stand alone option.

Available Options:

Bottom Panel Type:


Side 1:

Side 2:

Side 3:

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Water Barrel 18

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Water Barrel 18

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Water Barrel 18

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