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Lamptron Illuminated Anti-Vandal Switch - Red/Silver (Momentary)

Lamptron Illuminated Anti-Vandal Switch - Red/Silver (Momentary)
This Momentary on/off switch is an ideal switch for modding enthusiasts. When turned on, the ring around the push button illuminates in the specified color. Easy to install and will fit on a regular 5.25 drive cover or wherever you chose.
Fits all Mountain Mod Cases without Modification!!!


Diameter: 22mm - 19mm hole
Function: Momentary
LED type: Ring
LED Color: Red
Max Switch Rating: 50mA 24V
LED Rating: 3.4v
Switch Material: Polyamide (Nylon)
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Terminal Material: Copper Alloy


* Threaded mount
* Luminated ring and dot types
* Separate pin terminals
* Bright Accent LED
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