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Black Ice GTX 420

Black Ice GTX 420
The Black Ice® GT Xtreme GEN TWO 420 brings true next generation PC radiator technology to a higher level using the new GTX core platform for 3 x 140mm fans. The Black Ice® GTX420 uses a unique pre-cool/aftercool coolant flow configuration that increases heat transfer efficiency and internal system flow rates. The Black Ice® GTX420 is the first effective dual-core 3 x 140mm PC radiator providing new systems with an even higher performance envelope and headroom for future requirements.


* Two-pass pre-cool/aftercool front-rear dual-core flow configuration with a 30% increase in internal flow rates.
* Custom MaxFin™ 25 micron Copper Splitter Fin Configuration utilizing 45% thinner fin material yielding up to 50% less pressure drop.
* Unique fin configuration eliminates intra-louver accumulation of dust particles for trouble free operation.
* Radically optimized 20 FPI (Fins Per Inch) fin density providing dramatically increased heat transfer surface area.
* Custom low-profile 2-row 19.0 x 1.2mm MaxFlow™ tubes with twice the waterside surface area of the GTS and 60% frontal area reduction for superior low air-resistance aerodynamics and lower internal flow requirements.
* Yields up to 45% more heat exchange capacity than the Black Ice® Xtreme in both Stealth or Performance modes.
* Achieves Black Ice® Xtreme level performance in stealth mode (low-noise/low-airflow conditions).
* First dual core computer radiator configured and optimized for 140mm fans.
* M4 Threaded Screw Holes for easier mounting and greater adaptability.
* Now standard G 1/4" female threaded fittings.
* Full high-temper brass structural construction for weight reduction and superior corrosion resistance.
* Uses 100% Non-corrosive water-solluble fluxing process.
* Fully RoHS compliant.
* Full electrostatic polyurethane painting finish for uniform coating with high temperature curing for increased finish durability.
* Renowned Black Ice® quality.
* Patent Pending Design.


Width 153 mm
Height 460 mm
Thickness 54 mm

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