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H2gO - CYO (Custom Computer Case)

H2gO - CYO (Custom Computer Case)
Mountain Mods H2gO

The H2gO was designed for the enthusiast on the go. Measuring up to 17 inches deep, 13.5 inches tall and 12.75 inches wide, makes this case highly portable without sacrificing in the cooling or technology departments. The case is like all Mountain Mod cases broken into 2 separate chambers. The Top chamber houses a full ATX (or smaller mATX) motherboard and no other heated components. This allows for an awesome view through the top and side window of the case. The 2 x 120mm intake fans blow in symmetry with the back 2 x120mm fans for full AIR chamber effect. If air just isn't enough for you then purchase any dual radiator and attach it internally on the front of the unit. If one dual radiator isn't enough purchase yet another and attach it to the back of the unit externally and route your tubes through the lasered out hole in the chassis. Still if that is not enough 2 more 120mm blow holes exist on the bottom chamber and are quite capable of holding a single radiator. Also on the lower level up to 3 x 5.25 devices can be mounted. There is 17 inches of clearance for the most endowed of power supplies. A single set of Mountain Mods 120mm HD racks are included for mounting up to 3 hard drives out of the box. Purchase an additional set for up to 3 more drives. These can attach to the intake or exhaust on the lower chamber. The exterior of the case is all 1.65-3.25mm thick ALU. The Motherboard tray of the H2gO is made from 1/4 inch cast acrylic and separates the two chambers. Elegant holes are laser cut into the acrylic to route cables from the lower chamber up to the motherboard. The motherboard IO ports are oriented on the side of the case like our Mountain Mods Bob Slay, to allow for easy connectivity of PCI, IO, USB, Fire Wire and other connections. The H2gO includes a set of Mountain Mods acrylic feet. These can easily be swapped out with our caster kits for rock and ROLLing action. The H2gO comes with a single high quality anti-vandal power switch. These can easily be substituted with Bulgin style switch for LED indication. Select the optional chrome handle install for single hand carrying action. All of these features with a great sticker price make this unit a Mountain Mods must have!

Use The Ultimate tool to help customize your case.  The H2gO CYO is Flash CYO Picker Ready.  Click here to experience!

Material - Aluminum 5052
Thickness - 1.65mm-3.25mm
Dimensions - 17 x 12.75 x 13.5 inches
Finish - Brushed, Powder Coat, or Anodized
HD Bay - One set of 120mm HD racks
Hard Drives - Holds 3 out of box (6 with additional 120mm rack set)
5.25 Devices - Holds 3
MB Tray Form Factors - mATX/ATX
Fan Mounts - 6-120mm
Empty Weight - 11 lbs.

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H2gO - CYO (Custom Computer Case)

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H2gO - CYO (Custom Computer Case)

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