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Bob Slay - V2

Bob Slay - V2
Mountain Mods Bob Slay - V2 takes the worlds first acrylic cube computer case (Mountain Mods Bob Slay) to another dimension. The V2 is one inch bigger in all dimensions stretching the external size to 15.59 x 12.11 x 13.21 (L x W x H). The extra inch in height increases the CPU socket to case ceiling space to 5.75 inches allowing for a greater selection of possible heatsinks as well as extra space for water cooling tubes. The extra inch in width allows for use of longer video cards as the original Bob Slay was limited to cards less than 10.5 inches in width. The extra inch in length allows for the use of the Mountain Mods I/O panel. This makes the installation of PCI devices much easier than the original Bob Slay mounting. Other revision changes include implementation of an extra 120mm intake and exhaust on the top chamber as well as an added 120mm exhaust on the lower chamber to dump heatload from your hard drive(s) more effectively.

Material: .25 inch Cast Acrylic
5.25 devices: Up to 2
Hard drives: Up to 3 (with purchase of acrylic HD bracket)
PSU size: Full ATX
Form Factor: ATX/mATX
Fan mounts: 5 x 120mm (other variations available)
Empty Case Weight: 12 lbs.

Choose from various acrylic colors as back panel radiator configurations.

The Bob Slay comes unassembled - assembly is an option.

Available Options:

Acrylic Color:

Acrylic Hard Drive expansion pcs:


Back Panel Cutouts (Radiator):


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Bob Slay - V2

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