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Modular Motherboard Tray 10 PCI (XL-ATX)

Modular Motherboard Tray 10 PCI (XL-ATX)
Mountain Mods Modular Removable Motherboard Tray!

Running a TRI-SLI configuration or have a need for more than 7 PCI slots? This is the motherboard tray for you. Mountain Mods 10 PCI slot modular motherboard tray offers a whopping 10 PCI expansion slots on the tray. This tray can be used on its own as a test bench, or in conjunction with the Ascension and Extended Ascension chassis w/the 10 PCI case back panel. The 10 PCI case back panel can be purchased separately.

Building your own box? Or need a testing platform? This Motherboard Tray has it's own 120mm exhaust fan mount. It is made from 1.65mm thick aluminum alloy making it lightweight, sturdy, and thermally friendly. It has threaded inserts for standoff mounting eliminating annoying clips, plastic pegs, or stripping of tapped threads. This tray comes with 6 PCI Cover Plates and screws, 10 Motherboard Standoffs, and 10 mounting screws. Everything you need to securely mount your latest and greatest.

Choose the tray finish and whether or not you want the optional security flange.

Material - Aluminum
Thickness - 1.65mm
Finish - Brushed, Powder Coat, or Anodized
Exhaust Mount - 120mm
Form Factors - XL-ATX (ATX reverse compliant)
Expansion Slots - 10
IO Cover Plates - YES
Standoffs - YES
Mounting Screws - YES
Threaded Inserts - Yes

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Security Flange:

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