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Ascension CYO (Crystal Ship - Custom Computer Case)

Ascension CYO (Crystal Ship - Custom Computer Case)
"The Crystal Ship is being filled, a thousand girls, a thousand thrills! A Million Ways to Spend your time!"

Enter Mountain Mods Crystal Ship series.

The Crystal Ship incorporates the lightweight yet extremely durable Ascension Hyper Modular Frame with beautiful laser cut acrylic. The Acrylic is 1/4 inch thick cast. The back panel, motherboard tray, bottom panel, struts and 5.25 bays are all constructed from high grade aluminum and powder coated mirror black. The contrast of the 1/4 inch thick acrylic on the mirror black frame is stunning! The "Hybrid" combination gives you the best of both worlds; an extremely sturdy frame with the full viewing capability of an all acrylic case. It also makes this 1/2 the weight of an all acrylic case of the same size.

The Mountain Mods Ascension adds 6 inches of height to the already massive U2-UFO platform. The behemoth stands 24 inches tall and is 18 inches deep and wide. The Choose Your Own series allows you to choose from a variety of possible configurations. The Ascension like the U2-UFO is COMPLETELY MODULAR - or "HYPER MODULAR" as we call it. The front and back panels can rotate 180 degrees for a different configuration. Or easily change your configuration by purchasing individual panels. The Ascension is fabricated by skilled workers in the USA. It is made from thick aluminum making it lightweight, sturdy, and thermally friendly. Casters are included for easy mobility.

Discover more space - ASCEND!

Assembly INSTRUCTIONS same as the U2-UFO

Material - Aluminum 5052 / cast acrylic
Thickness - 1.65mm-3.25mm / .25 inches
Dimensions - 24x18x18 inches
Finish - Powder Coated mirror black / Acrylic
Power Supplies - 2-4 optional ports
HD Bay - 2 sets of 120mm HD brackets - Holds 6 out of box, up to 30!!
5.25 Bay - 2 x Removable
5.25 Devices - Holds 6 or 10. MB Tray - Removable
Form Factors - mATX/ATX/EATX (EATX choose the optional MB Tray)
Empty Weight - 18 lbs.

Choose each individual panel - FRONT, BACK and ACRYLIC COLOR
All Cases include 5.25 bays relative to front panel, motherboard trays relative to backpanel and other typical case parts - see instruction link above for details.
Quad Panels are swiftech/BIX spacing only.

See additional PICS for panel details.

Additional fan holes can be cut into the side panels for $5.00 per fan hole. Also available is the incorporation of grills lasered into the fan hole area. The price for grill service is $5.00 per hole and a $20 setup fee for grills not in our normal line.

When ordering HPTX or XL-ATX motherboard tray you must also select 10PCI or Horizon 10 back panels.

Available Options:

Acrylic Color:

Back Panel Type:

Front Panel Type:

Motherboard Tray:

Window Etching:

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