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120mm Hard drive rack (Black Wrinkle)

120mm Hard drive rack (Black Wrinkle)
Mountain Mods innovative 120mm Hard drive rack can be used to add up to 3 hard drives to any 120mm system fan. Attaching directly to the fan allows for MAXIMUM airflow. Never worry again about your drives getting too hot. The shroud like design forces air directly through the drives resulting in superb heat removal. Use up to 6 sets of these for 18 drive capacity in a Mountain Mods U2-UFO or up to 15 Hard drives in the Opti-1203 series chassis. These can also be used in the Twice7 chassis to expand drive capability. The hard drive racks can be used in any case with ample space. The 2 piece rack design allows you to place your drives in Horizontal or Vertical configuration. Mountain Mods Hard drive racks provide you with so many options!

Comes in a pair for immediate use

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