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Polished Acrylic Assembly Cube (leftside)

Polished Acrylic Assembly Cube (leftside)
Mountain Mods Polished Acrylic Assembly cubes are a great way to assemble flat panels together. These assembly cubes are a step up from the old cubes that we used to have. We manufacture the cubes to spec, resulting in a consistently sized product. We also diamond polish each cut edge to give a beautiful end result. All Mountain Mods acrylic computer cases are now shipping with our Polished Acrylic Assembly cubes. 3mm CNC tapped holes allow a 3mm screw to fasten a side panel to. 3 screw positions allow for TOP - LEFT and BOTTOM mounting. Great for the DIY type or as a replacement.

BE CAREFUL not to overtighten screws - the thread taps can strip with excessive force.

Dimensions are - .725" x .635" x .745" (L-W-H)
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Polished Acrylic Assembly Cube (leftside)

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Polished Acrylic Assembly Cube (leftside)

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