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U2-UFO Gold Digger (GPU Mining Case)

U2-UFO Gold Digger (GPU Mining Case)

This is not your typical Gold Digger! Rather than continually drain your pocketbook, this Gold Digger helps put the coin (crypto-coins to be exact) into your wallet(s)!

Mountain Mods Gold Digger cases are manufactured specifically for GPU mining of crypto-currencies, GPU Folding, and any need for multiple GPU’s operating at near 100% Load nearly 100% of the time.

Mountain Mods Gold Digger series cases utilize the base US patented U2-UFO and Ascension designs and incorporate a whopping 20 PCI I/O bracket. The 20 PCI I/O bracket attaches to the Gold Digger case back panel. The bracket utilizes Mountain Mods patent pending “Air Assist” feature. The I/O “Air Assist” is achieved by insetting I/O Mounting holes away from the case with enough space to mount 3x120mm fans behind the bracket and internal the case back panel. The use of 120mm fans greatly increases airflow in the GPU as well as between GPU’s. The result is a drastically cooler running GPU with overall lower GPU fan speeds. The reduction of thermal load on the GPU as well as the reduction of the GPU fan speed operation increases the longevity and performance stability of the GPU. Riser cables are used to extend the GPU’s from the Motherboard below. Operating the GPU’s several inches off the motherboard results in little to no heat transference from the GPU to the motherboard itself. This also greatly reduces thermal loads on the GPU’s as well as the motherboard and components. Mountain Mods Gold Digger cases also incorporate a separate I/O panel that attaches to the motherboard allowing for the use of other PCI – I/O devices, including full size GPU’s on the mainboard if desired.

The U2-UFO Gold Digger comes as an Open-Air kit standard. Additional side panel options are available should you desire to enclose the entire chassis. NOTE – Side 2 we highly recommend a panel that has possible air ventilation as the PSU is rotated to draw air from the right side (exterior) of the case for increased cooling.

A short Horizon Brace is included with the U2-UFO Gold Digger. This function of the brace is to lift the motherboard as well as the PSU off the floor of the case. Approximately 1 inch of space remains under the tray allowing for cable routing/hiding. The stock configuration of the U2-UFO Gold Digger uses the Mountain Mods 7 slot I/O panel for the motherboard section as well as a standard mATX/ATX motherboard tray. (NOTE – Mountain Mods mATX/ATX motherboard trays are oversized for mounting of EATX motherboards up to 10.x inches wide). An EATX tray can be purchased with the case for EATX boards that are greater than 10.7 inches up to 13.5 inches in width.

The U2-UFO Gold Digger comes standard with a Triple 360 front panel. The triple 360 front panel has 9 x 120mm fan ports. All these can be filled with aftermarket cooling fans, or you can choose to fill one with a Power/Reset Plate. The plate comes with 1 or 2 (depending on your choice) laser cut 19mm mounting holes for 22mm diameter anti-vandal switches.

The Gold Digger includes Standard Struts, unless Pedestal Struts are specified. The Gold Digger series cases can STACK mount with any Mountain Mods 18 x 18 cases, including multiple Gold Diggers. The Pedestal Strut allows for bolting of the bottom panel of one unit directly to the Pedestal Struts. This results in a completely structurally sound STACK that will not tip-over without a huge amount of force.

Adequate space exists above the 20 PCI I/O bracket to allow for easy removal and installation of graphics cards. Simply reach in unplug the power and riser cables, remove 2 thumbscrews from the card and lift it out of the security slots while removing it from the case.

Various options are available for the Mountain Mods Gold Digger chassis. The bottom line is the Mountain Mods Gold Digger chassis will help keep your multiple GPU systems drastically cooler than they would be in another chassis. Keeping your GPU’s healthy instead of SICK. A SICK GPU isn’t making you coin, while a cool one will! Keep it COOL! Dig like a DOGE!

Available Options:

120mm Hard Drive Bracket:

Acrylic Color:



Motherboard Tray:

Power/Reset Plate:

Side 1:

Side 2:

Side 3:


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U2-UFO Gold Digger (GPU Mining Case)

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U2-UFO Gold Digger (GPU Mining Case)

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U2-UFO Gold Digger (GPU Mining Case)

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U2-UFO Gold Digger (GPU Mining Case)

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U2-UFO Gold Digger (GPU Mining Case)

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