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Lamptron FAN-ATIC Fan Controller - Black

Lamptron FAN-ATIC Fan Controller - Black
Lamptron Fan-Atic: 5-port

The baybus allows you to be in control! It controls up to 60Watt per channel with 3 different voltage output and 5 channels can be used for any controls. CNC milled faceplate and drilled mesh will bring you cool looks and functions to your solid cases.

Dimension: 5.25 Bay
Max Power: Up to 60W per Channel
Adjustment Range: (5V Off 12V), (7v Off 12v) please read the retailer's description to make sure of type
Color Available: Black Anodized Aluminum, Plain Aluminum Finish Features:

* LED Voltage Indicator (12v-Red 5v-Blue or 12v-Red 7v-Blue)
* Control up to 60W Per Channel
* 5 Independant 3 Way Adjustment Range Military Switches
* Mesh Design
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