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18 x 18 Aluminum Replacement Panel


18 x 18 Aluminum Replacement Panel
Mountain Mods 18 x 18 Aluminum Replacement Panel fits the following Cases and configurations:

Monticle 18 (left and right side panels)
Plateau (top panel)
Ascension/CYO (top panel)
U2-UFO (left, right, and top panels)

Choose from different panels to meet your individual needs. Choose your desired finish. Choose your desired acrylic color for the windowed versions. Mountain Mods Aluminum Panels are manufactured in the USA with high grade aluminum materials. Approximate thickness of the panel is 2mm.

The panel is approximately 17.875 x 17.875 inches with rounded edges and 8 mounting holes. Perfect for doing your own custom modifications to your Mountain Mods or custom case.

Available Options:

Acrylic Color:
Panel Type: