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U2-UFO CYO (Custom Computer Case)


Date Added: Tuesday 03 January, 2012

by Chris S.

I bought this case in June of 2011, and overall I'm quite pleased with it. I chose the anodized aluminum finish, which looks great and unlike my other experiences with aluminum cases, doesn't scratch as easy and isn't prone to screw cross-threading due to the soft nature of the metal.

There are several things about the case however that prevent my experience it from being perfect. The main area is quality control. Perhaps the workers just had an off day, I'm not sure, but the case has some pretty disappointing flaws. First of all, the safety bracket on the bottom of the motherboard tray is almost an inch off of the intended threaded hole it should screw into. Even after applying a pretty reasonable force to the tray, I couldn't get the holes to line up.
(Note from MM - you have your bottom panel rotated 180 degrees incorrectly. Rotate it and your problem will resolve)

Another issue I had was with the 5.25" front drive bay. I have an optical drive, a fan controller, and a dual slot reservoir. I tried to insert a drive bay cover I ordered from MountainMods into the remaining empty bay, but found that it was about a millimeter too big to fit flush, so as of right now its sitting at a very noticeable angle, which pretty much destroys any look of elegance that this case otherwise provides when viewed from the front.
(Note from MM - many bay reservoirs are larger than standard - most bay spacing issues can be resolved by loosening mounting screws - adjusting and retightening)
Yet another problem I ran into was that the all-acrylic panels I ordered didn't line up well with the mounting holes on the case's frame. This wasn't so bad because I didn't get enough thumbscrews to use all the holes anyways, but I decided that maybe I was having trouble because the acrylic panels are much thicker than the aluminum, and the thumbscrews weren't quite long enough. I purchased some aluminum panels, and found that while they still didn't line up quite right, they were thin enough that the thumbscrews could actually thread and hold the panel in place.
<br><br>(Note from MM - alignment issues are result of tightening things one at a time as opposed to inserting frame screws in sequence and tightening after all in place. Built in tolerence into panels is meant to be your friend, but can be your enemy if used improperly.) Thumbscrews are more than adequate in length with acrylic panels - unless you are using 1/4 inch thick panels.)
As I said initially, overall this case is great.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]