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Bitspower 140mm Mesh Fan Guard - UV Red

Bitspower 140mm Mesh Fan Guard - UV


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Mountain Mods 120MM Clear Acrylic Blowhole Cover

Mountain Mods 120MM Clear Acrylic B...
Bought to cover the top fan hole in a Antec P183. Nice clean

5 of 5 Stars!

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Mountain Mods Professional Reviews.

03.19.14Mountain Mods Merkaba Reviewed!

Click Image for Full Review -

11.01.13CPU Magazine checks off on the Mountain Mods Bob Slay V2

Build quality, internal accessibility, and customization potential are the check boxes that matter most to us. The Bob Slay V2 ticked them all…its worth every penny! Click for review -

09.19.13This case is a dream come true for extreme water coolers like myself!

Modders-INC gives the Mountain Mods Ascension case a MUST-HAVE rating.

01.01.13To describe Mountain Mods latest creation, the Water Barrl, in a word: watercooling. In two words: Insane watercooling!... At long last, its time to give your watercooling a manse of its own, and we can think of no other case maker right now with the chops to pull it off.

CPU Magazine Reviews Mountain Mods Water Barrel 24 - click the pic for full review.


When it comes to customized cases, its tough to top Mountain Mods…The Model sent to us has an amazing “The Dark Knight Rises” theme, with remarkable window etchings…Mountain Mods configuration options mean that there are few limitations to what you could build. Add in the custom window etching to the panel and you will have a PC case that is as artistically impressive as it is accommodating

Click the pic for CPU digital article -

08.15.12Mountain Mods EXTENDED U2-UFO CYO – Device Uknown APPROVED!

The Skyrim etching really put this case over the top … We came away very impressed. The construction material is definitely thicker than any other retail chassis I have found … We recorded the best temperatures we have seen in this chassis.

07.10.12The H2gO meets all our needs, and we could not be happier. It travels well, provides ample space for high-end components, and has a look that is sure to get noticed. - CPU MAGAZINE

Mountain Mods is pleased to help sponsor QuakeCon 2012 this year with the help of CPU Magazine. We tricked out an H2gO and sent it to CPU Magazine, where they have loaded it with all the internal goodness. The complete system will be given away at QuakeCon this year.

Click the pic for CPU digital article -

03.07.12This gorgeous cube is big enough to serve as the skin of a really impressive cutting-edge PC… If you haven’t seen one of these in person, you owe it to yourself to check one out sometime… Regardless of the options you choose, the U2-UFO is a great way to start your next build. - Chris Trumble CPU Magazine

01.28.12Mountain Mods Extended Ascension Review - CPU Magazine

The case sent to us is certainly well designed, but what really makes Mountain Mods stand out is the number of options you can select from when configuring your case. Enthusiasts will be able to select a case that meets their exact needs without needing to invest time and money into further modifications. And getting a professional-looking, quality product is always a plus, too.

08.01.11Absolutely Phenomenal, Again - Mountain Mods U2 UFO is without a doubt an "Absolutely Phenomenal" PC. Watch Trubritars Video review by clicking the pic.

01.03.11Mountain Mods Pinnacle 24, 100% trubritar approved! - Click the pic for full video -


03.23.10The H2gO also features a two-chamber design that isolates the power supply, optical drives, and hard drives for improved cooling. - CPU Magazine awards the Mountain Mods H2gO with 4 out of 5 CPU marks. Click the pic for full review -

02.24.10ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!! - Adrian Willson of gives an absolutely phenomenal video review of the Mountain Mods Extended Ascension chassis. Click the pic for full video -

02.06.10Overall the Mountain Mods Ascension Crystal Ship CYO case is an enthusiasts dream with an almost flawless implementation. - recommends the Crystal Ship Ascension with 9 out of 10 rating. Click the pic for full review -

01.20.10Maybe its our latent love for all things Lego, but we have to admit we thoroughly loved building our Pinnacle 24. If youre looking for the ultimate in DIY modularity and customizability, look no further than Mountain Mods CYO line of cases and the Pinnacle 24. - CPU Magazine awards the Pinnacle 24 with 4 out of 5 CPU marks. Click the pic for full review -

10.17.09For our Korean fans check out this very long and colorful review of the Mountain Mods Extended Ascension (Duality Style) - HERE.

07.23.09For an indepth first look at a Thermochill PA 140.3 going into a Mountain Mods Ascension Crystal ship - check out the review at Overclockers Tech. HERE.

07.10.09XTREMEsystems gives Mountain Mods H2gO the green light! - Without a doubt this is one of the best cases I’ve seen to date. The space it provides while still remaining a relatively small case is astounding. The simplicity of the layout is fabulous. The removal of 2 panels and you have all the room you might need to run anything and everything you would need. - read full review HERE.

06.08.09Mountain Mods Ascension tops out with 2 awards from Richard Weatherstone of -

That is the attraction of Mountain Mods. They seem to have pulled off the impossible, they are selling fresh air neatly wrapped up in an all aluminium case.

Click the PIC for full review.


Mountain Mods Product Reviews

12.20.08CPU Magazine awards Mountain Mods Ascension CYO 4 CPU marks! - Overall, the Ascension is a refreshing option for ultimate case customization and well worth the money you’ll spend.

Click the pic for the review.

05.26.08TECHPOWERUP.COM recommends The U2-UFO Choose Your Own Cases. "The Mountain Mods U2-UFO Choose Your Own case is probably the single most customizable case on the market today. Buyers get to choose their own front, rear and side panels, case color, acrylic color and even how the motherboard tray gets installed. The side panels can be solid metal, acrylic panels or metal with acrylic windows. Any of the acrylic windows can be etched with user-provided graphics at additional cost. Mountain Mods carries a wide selection of fans, grills, LEDs and other parts to allow even more customization. The design and construction are great!"


03.12.08OCIA.NET awards Mountain Mods H2gO SEAL OF APPROVAL! - I still think the H2gO is an awesome case that lends credence to Mountain Mods outstanding reputation. The uniqueness of their designs is impressive and the quality of their product ranks among the top case manufacturers. CLICK the pic for full review.


07.11.07U2-UFO DUALITY AWARDED OCIA.NET SEAL OF APPROVAL - "The Mountain Mods Duality case ranks as the most detailed and in-depth computer case I have ever worked with. With the sheer amount of options, everything from side panels, fan grills, case color, etc., you wont have any problems creating a unique case unlike any other."


03.07.07U2-UFO OPTI-1203 RATED 5/5 STARS BY XTREMESYSTEMS.ORG - "If you are a Gamer then this is the case to have, if you water-cool and want better temperatures then this is the case to have, if your one of those case designer gurus that likes to make their PC look all colorful and lit up then this too is the case to have, if you just need more space in your case for additional components, the again, this is the case to have. There is not much more I can say, I am very happy with the U2-UFO Opti-1203 case and I highly recommend it." Click the pic for the full review

01.14.07"We are most happy with our Bob Slay UV Blue Acrylic custom ATX case. We would happily recommend it to our friends and hope to use it again for future computer builds." - GameVein takes a look at a customized UV Blue Bob Slay. Full review here -

08.13.06"BOXGODS RECOMMENDS THE BOB SLAY!" - "Ah, the best laid plans--from the moment we were unloading machines in front of the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, this little blue case caused a stir. People were just drawn to it in groups of 3 and 4 constantly. Keep in mind that we brought some SERIOUS case mods to the con, and this case just pulled attention like a locomotive right through the entire event untill I closed the door on the truck to go home. Eventually, it just became easier to say, "Its the Bob Slay from Mountain Mods--read the upcoming review at, and yes, you can take a picture"." Read the full review HERE.


3.28.06"Installation was one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve ever had with a case." - gives the Twice7 Cube Editors Choice and Seal of approval.

11.30.05: "This case will draw attention at LANs from the second you walk in with it (carrying it by its handy built in handle) while at the same time employing some key design improvements to make your LAN experience more enjoyable." - THINKCOMPUTERS.ORG awards the Bob Slay 9 out of 10 !!!

11.24.05: "The superior airflow pattern ensures that you can game in the hottest of environments without having to worry about thermal stability issues, and you can count on the stainless steel carry handle to perform for you day in and day out." - awards the Bob Slay EDITORS CHOICE!

10.25.05: "Every person that has seen the unit in person has been impressed, even people that dont know the first thing about computers." - reviews the - BOB SLAY

05.14.05: "This has got to be the easiest case Ive ever worked with. There is lots of room and everything fit the first time." - - U2-UFO Review.

03.04.05: From the UK, Mikki of seems to say the U2-UFO is bloody good. Check out the review for yourself, it includes some of the first public pictures of the U2-UFO with triple panels.

: Mountain Mods Twice7 receives an 8.5/10 from Read the full review - Here.

: Viperlair deems the Twice7 cube "the welcomed smaller brother of the U2-UFO series of cases". Full review - Here.

: Mountain Mods Black U2-UFO Original top receives an 8.7 from the Belgian folks over at

"Mountain Mods' approach reveals precise attention and a great love for detail." Read Tom's Hardware english review - Here.

: Sprechen ze Deutsche? Siggy Moersch of Tom's Hardware shares with us his U2-UFO experience. Read his First Look.

: The U2-UFO stands the test of time. From the forums of comes a personal review from long time forum member Father Time.

07.20.04 shows why the U2-UFO Original BLACK is worthy of Editors Choice.

04.01.04 deems the U2-UFO PR Limited Edition "ELITE".

03.31.04 reviews a Vantec EZ-Swap.

:  The U2-UFO is once again awarded Editors Choice by

03.10.04 examines the Vantec NXP-201 Fan Controller.

02.02.04 takes a look at the U2-UFO Mirror Black Chassis.

11.19.03 gives the U2-UFO chassis 9 stars.  Editors Choice

10.06.03 rates our Anti-Vandal Switches 9/10.

: examines an IceMax Fan Controller.

:  gives a full review of a U2-UFO Brushed Chassis.