Mountain Mods User Gallery

Here you will find pictures sent in from customers of their Mountain Mod products. If you'd like to get your stuff posted in the gallery send your photos to [email protected]

My new build that I have named ‘Wicked’….. because she is… ;) List of some of the hardware: Mountain Mods Extended Ascension case in gloss black Evga e762 quad Sli board with Ek full Waterblock Intel 980x Cpu with Watercool Heatkiller 3 Corsair Dominator 12Gb ram with Ek waterblock Tri-Sli Evga gtx 580 ftw HC2 video cards 2x Crucial C300 128Gb SSD drives raid 0 4x WD Black 1Tb drives raid 10 2x LG BluRay burners 2x FrozenQ 250mm Classified Red reservoirs 3x XSPC 360 radiators 4x 355 pumps with Watercool series tops 14x Gentle Typhoon AP15 fans on Lamptron FC-8 controllers 2x Corsair AX 1200 psus big box of sleeving from MDPC several orders of many Bitspower compression fittings cool laser cut fan grill from Kikboxes