Mountain Mods User Gallery

Here you will find pictures sent in from customers of their Mountain Mod products. If you'd like to get your stuff posted in the gallery send your photos to [email protected]

Spec include: Asus P5k3 with 2gig DDR3-1600 Supertalent ram E6850 Intel 3GHz overclocked to 3.6GHz Dual WD raptors 150 gig in raid 0 Dual Hitachi Deskstar 1TB in Raid 1 BFG 8800 Ultra Video with Water Block version Loop one: D5 à D-Tek fusion Cpu block à PA120.3à Swiftech micro res Loop two: D5 à Swiftech MCW30 à BFG video card with Danger Den block à PA120.3 à Swiftech micro res.