Mountain Mods User Gallery

Here you will find pictures sent in from customers of their Mountain Mod products. If you'd like to get your stuff posted in the gallery send your photos to [email protected]

Hi Guys, Check out my build using one of your MM UFOs. Guts consist of an AMD Opteron 170 overclocked to 2.5GHz, BFG 8800GTX with stock clocks, 2GB of Gskill DDR500, Abit AN832X mobo, PC P&C 610w, 2x 250GB Seagate 7200.10 SATA, 18x LiteOn DVD-RW. The Silverstone USB port was placed in the Mountain Mod 3.5 -> 5.25 blue acrylic bay adapter, I had to file the opening (width) of the bay adapter by ~.025" to get the USB port to fit. Water cooling consists of Thermochill PA120.3 rad, swiftech 655 pump, EK150 res, apogee gt water block "bowed", DD GPU waterblock, 7x Yate Loon blue LED fans, tygon 3606 1/2" tubing, distilled water, petra's G11 coolant additive with 2 drops of PT Nuke and a Sunbeam fan controller. The front fan grills I got from Crazy PC, love the dragon! This case is very sturdy, easy to work with and has plenty of room. The temps on the CPU stay in the low 30's and the GPU in the upper 40's, overall this system is very quiet. I mostly play Quake 4, FEAR, and waiting on Quake Wars and Unreal Tournament 3.