Mountain Mods User Gallery

Here you will find pictures sent in from customers of their Mountain Mod products. If you'd like to get your stuff posted in the gallery send your photos to [email protected]

Since my hardware puts out so much heat i decided to watercool the cpu, nb, sb, and both 8800gtx's.. Needed a bigger case so i went with the Mountain Mods U2-UFO case.. Its really an incredible case... I wanted to go with to completely seperate loops, 1 for cpu, nb, and sb -- and 1 for both 8800gtx's... I have the Swiftech STORM Extreme Performance Universal Water-block - Rev 2 on the E6600.. Dangerden DD-680i Chipset Block on the northbridge.. Swifty MCW30 chipset block on the southbridge.. 2 x DangerDen DD-8800 GTX waterblocks on the southbridge.. 2 x Swiftech MCP655 pumps, one for each seperate loop.. 1 x 120.3 thermochill radiator for the cpu, nb, and sb loop.. 1 x 120.2 thermochill radiator for the 8800gtx's.. A total of 14 120mm fans in all.. I have 120mm fans on both sides of each radiator.. I did this so i could run the fans at very low rpm's-- keeping the water nice and cool and yet very quiet.. With the fans running very low( my pc is now almost completely silent) my temps are very good.. [email protected](400x9 -- 1.525vcore) temps are 40C idle and around 45C full load.. 8800gtx's idle at 47C and get to 51C at full load.. nb and sb stay around 35C Im really impressed by the quality of this case, a bit expensive but well worth it IMHO.. Full System Specs [email protected](Swiftech Storm) -- EVGA 680i 2x MSI 8800gtx's SLI XFI Elite Pro 4x1g Team Xtreem DDR2 800(4-4-4-12) Dell 2405 24" WS LCD PC Power & Cooling 1000w psu 2x 150gb raptors in Raid 0 & 1 x Maxtor 500gb storage drive Mountain Mods Watercooled Silent PC Soundblaster X-FI Elite Pro