Mountain Mods User Gallery

Here you will find pictures sent in from customers of their Mountain Mod products. If you'd like to get your stuff posted in the gallery send your photos to [email protected]

Mountain Mods U2-UFO, DFI LanParty UT NF4 Ultra-D, AMD A64 3000 (Venice), Ultra XL PC3200 (2x512), HIS X800XL, WD SATA 80Gig, Lite-On DVD & DL DVDRW, Thermaltake TWV 500w, Samsung 997DF 19" CRT. Water Cooling: Weapon modded dual Bonni heater cores with custom dual Weapon fan shrouds for max air flow, total of 7 120mm Evercool aluminum blue LED fans, Sunbeam Tech Rheobuss, PolarFlo CPU, GPU and D4 pump for right now, home made 40 oz reservoir. Soon to be switched over to a dual loop setup using 2 D4 pumps and Swiftech Storm CPU block and new Swiftech GPU block when it's released.