Mountain Mods User Gallery

Here you will find pictures sent in from customers of their Mountain Mod products. If you'd like to get your stuff posted in the gallery send your photos to [email protected]

WOW! - Double Trouble. ok, what I've got in the case: amd-fx-57 cpu asus a8n-sli premium mb 4 gigs corsair xms pc3200 ram 2 7800 gtx evga 256mb vid cards 2 74 gig raptors[wd-hd] 1 pc power and cooling 850 watt ps 1 400 watt sunflower ps[for fans] 1 thermalchill pa-120 raditor 2 u2-ufo brushed aluminum cases[painted and modded by tailored pc] 1 awaki water pump 1 alpha cool reservoir danger dan nv-78 sli copper 1/2" id vid card water block kit 1 whitewater cpu water block 1polar duel water block kit for hd's 2 matrix orbital mx230 lcd displays for system info 1 ati theater 550 pro chipset/ beyond tv-tv tuner card 1-hp 16x dvd+/-rw lightscribe drive 1 sony 16x dvd drive 22 case fans-20 120mm-2 80 mm 1tailored pc water-cooling emergency shut down system w/power supplies and pump relay 2 tailored pc fan controllers controls all fans[two for intake -two for out take 3 tailored pc fan divertors-3 fan-6 fan- 9 fan 1 set green ram lighting 1 tailored pc lights pcb for single control for uv an cold cathode lights and ram 4 12" cold cathode green lights 2 12" uv lights 1 x-fi fatality sound card all custom wired with green and black cables green led fans in front and top of case all aluminum case fans for back. also have two 6" 1/2" water heat exchangers-black had them welded together and custom windows built for the case, is 3' tall and 18" square. had a custom built power supply bracket and additional bracing done to support this case. I love my mountain mod cases and its the best case I've ever owned and would highly recommend this company for any of your case needs