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The following are a list of parts w/indicated finishes that are NOT currently in stock.
Also indicated are cases that are influenced by the part being out of stock.

The list is not entirely REAL time, but will be updated as it becomes known that a part in inventory is at zero count.

UPDATED 08.05.10

U2-UFO, Extended U2-UFO - 10PCI back panels (brushed finish) - ETA August 20

Ascension, Extended Ascension - Standard Front Panels (Mirror black, Anodized, brushed) - ETA Aug 20
* Anodized ETA August 25

Pinnacle 18/24 - Pinnacle Standard Front (brushed finish) - ETA August 20

Pinnacle 18/24 - Pinnacle Standard Back (brushed finish) - ETA August 20

Pinnacle 18/24 - Pinnacle Bottom panel (anodized black finish) - ETA August 25

Tower Pedestals - Front and back panels (brushed) - ETA August 20

Any case with 3x5.25 cage - 3 x 5.25 optical cages (brushed finish) - ETA August 20

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